Merem were created in Rotterdam in 2021 by the musicians Dimitra Metzaki(oud), Giorgos Bereris (piano), Vanessa Kourtesi (vocals), Giannis Vagianos (double bass) and Hektor Remsak (drums). The members of the band met in Rotterdam during their studies in Codarts Conservatory and they are all based in Rotterdam.


Their common roots, as they all come from Greece, led them to the need to perform music that is strongly connected to their home country, combining it with jazz flavors and a modern sound. Their sound is soft, poetic and colorful. The members of the band are a combination of the jazz and traditional music scene.


They have started to work immediately, as they understood there is a special connection between them. Despite the lockdown and the sterilized period of covid, they have brought new compositions that clearly bring an eastern flavor to their music. At the moment, they are working on their own compositions that they aim to record this season in a full album but also on arrangements of traditional Greek songs.


Since November 2021 they have toured in the Netherlands, western Europe and Greece. Last year they released two singles, "Yiasemi" and "Athina" , composed and produced by them. In June 2023 they released the single 'Daripe' from the upcoming full album, September 2023.

Photo: Kostas Fountas

Photo: Emre Namli